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The Osteopathy is a welfare different approach, which, from a system of diagnosis and specific treatment, puts special attention in the structure of the individual and in the mechanical problems that in the same one can appear.

It is based in the Principles that his predecessor formulated: the Dr. A. T. Still (1828-1917) who, from the careful observation of his patients and of the application of his deep knowledge of Anatomy and Biomechanics postulated that the health and the correct functioning of the individual depend on the structural global integrity of the body. Still drew the human body as an Indivisible Unit in which the Structure (System Skeletal Muscle, organs and entrails) and the Function of the organism are intimately related and depend on one another.

It is a Manual only Therapy totally complementary with the allopathic or conventional medicine in their common aim to help the patient, and it is necessary to place it also inside a context of prevention, of preservation, and of improvement of health.

By means of the Osteopathy we help to re-balance the organism focusing on the structure, improving thereby the functioning of the body. There are in use for the treatment soft and secure Techniques adapted to every patient and to their needs, keeping always in mind age, sex, body type and health of one, etc.

The osteopath sees the patient as a whole, where mind, body and spirit interact and relate reciprocally, and in where the one's tissues influence and get influenced by the internal physiology and the homeostasis. We talk about tissues and not only about bones, ligaments, muscles and tendons. Osteopaths work with all the tissues and corporal fluids, though often they use the system skeletal muscle to reach less accessible tissues. 


Between the main indications of this type of therapeutic approach it is necessary to emphasize all those muscle skeletal dysfunctions that are present with pain at the spine and extremities levels and that are caused by traumatism, accidents, repetitive movements, bad positions, alterations of the visceral function, stress, etc.
It is also very effective in the treatment of: migraines, dizziness, bruxism and temporo-mandibular occlusion problemsotitis, circulatory, digestive, endocrine, traumatic, gynecological, pediatric disorders, etc.

In spite of the fact that the Osteopathy is more known probably by the treatment of the backache (lumbalgia, cervicalgia, dorsalgia, etc.) it is also very effective as treatment of another type of symptoms as:

- Muscle Skeletal disorders: muscle contractures, tendinitis, etc…

- Respiratory disorders: repetitive colds, sinusitis, non-producing cough, etc…

- Genito-urinary disorders: incontinence, menstrual pains, disparuenia, etc.

- Problems and follow-up of the Pregnancy: backache or ciatalgias, inguinal pain, etc.

- Pediatric disorders: colics, vomits, sequels derived from the application of orthodontics, sleep disorders, hyperactivity, difficulty of learning, dyslexia, alterations of the growth, etc.

- Prevention of injuries and of dysfunctions in the organism, which future inconveniences or diseases could endure. Improvement of the vital condition.

- Others: Stress, migraines tense them, widespread weariness.

The Osteopathy is a medicine recognized by the WHO and by the majority of western countries. The only professional authorized to apply it is the Osteopath who in case of Spain to obtain the degree it is required a four year degree in one of the schools recognized by the ROE (Spanish register of osteopaths). ROE is also part of EFO (European Federation of Osteopaths). Both institutions ensure the proper functioning of the profession, which translates into a great warranty and safety to patients