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Ruth Mediel

Nurse No. 36666

She is a nurse highly experienced. Below is described her excellent work developed on all levels of her profession in Health sector. She is now specialized on the field of extraction and laboratory tests.

She graduated in Nursery in 1993 at Barcelona University in Barcelona.

From her academic curriculum we want to emphasize that in 2002 she made the Postgraduate specialization in Chronic Disease, at the University of Barcelona. From 2008 to 2010 she made a CADI XI Master at the University of Barcelona and she combined it with another Master in Diabetes Healthcare, also at the University of Barcelona. From 2009 to 2011 she realized a Master on Services for People with Diabetes at the University of Barcelona.

While she was taking these three Masters, in November 2010 she presented her research on Diabetic Mellitus I and II Pacients at a prison in Catalonia (rating metabolic control versus health monitoring), at the VII National Congress of Penitentiary Health and the XIV Conference about Health in Prison in the Spanish Society. 

As mentioned, she has worked in many areas of her profession. In laboratory and extractions sector, she has worked at Vall d'Hebron Hospital, in Barcelona, and at Echeverne laboratories, also in Barcelona,  where she continues working nowadays.

In the area of primary healthcare, she has worked at Castelldefels Castle in the CAP (which is a Public Service on Sanitary Health in Spain), she has worked also at the Department of Justice of Catalonia and at the Cabinet from the Generalitat in Catalunya, in the sector of Medic and Surgical Operations called Forgraderm, in Barcelona, developing the tasks as a nurse in ambulatory minor surgeries and extractions.

At the hospital she has worked at Quirón Clinic and at Vall d'Hebron and Sant gervasi Hospitals, in Barcelona, both in Intensive Care Unit and other areas such as Pediatrics and Chronic and Palliative Care Unit.